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Strass im Strassertal

Juicy, fruity, Zweigelt Strassertal! The Blickenweg offers the best conditions for the Zweigelt grapes. Heavy, nutrient-rich loess soils with an optimal water supply ensure aromatic cherry fruit. After malolactic fermentation, the Zweigelt makes its way into large barrels made of Manhartsberger oak, where it matures on the lees for about 12 months

grape variety:

The harvest for our Strassertal does not begin until the end of September, when the Zweigelt grapes are physiologically ripe. The de-stemmed and crushed berries are placed in the must fermentation tank, where they ferment on top of the must for two weeks. Long enough to imbue the flavours of the berries. After we press out the must, the Zweigelt sits in our cellar 12 metres underground beneath the Gaisberg for a year.

tasting notes

rich cherry fruit, red berries, ripe damsons, juicy and full-bodied, flows down pleasantly, well-integrated acidity, delicately buttery

drinking temperature
15-17° C
food pairing

venison with cranberries, braised veal cheeks with root vegetables, coq au vin