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[W] Zweigelt, gleichgepresst
Strass im Strassertal

Zweigelt vinified as Blanc de Noir. Nigh on a classic! The red grapes for the white Zweigelt grow in the Bleckenweg “Riede” (single vineyard), whose soil and microclimate offer the best conditions for a rich, flavoursome yield. Made for hot summer days outside on the terrace.

grape variety:
sandy gravel

The grape material is harvested in small boxes so that it can be transported gently and quickly to the winery. After arriving at the press house, all the grapes are pressed immediately and gently (“gleichgepresst”) – only by doing this can the colour from the skins be prevented from being carried over, and the must remains white.

tasting notes

bouquet of fresh meadow flowers, delicate cherry fruit, firm and invigorating acidity, delicate tannin structure, goes down easily

drinking temperature
11° C
food pairing

light Mediterranean dishes, crispy salads, light fish dishes



89 P. 2022 Zweigelt Gleichgepresst