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Riesling Wechselberg Spiegel Trockenbeerenauslese

This delicately fruity, sweet alternative comes from the Wechselberg Spiegel Ried! Only in selected years, if nature permits, will overripe grapes be harvested. With its south-west facing terraces, the Wechselberg Spiegel provides the perfect climatic conditions for the gourmet Botrytis cinerea mushroom.

grape variety:
Wechselberg Spiegel
gneiss (primary rock)

After strict grape selection during the main harvest for our Premier Cru 1ÖTW Wechselberg Spiegel, the overripe grapes are selected separately. In the winery, the berries are macerated immediately, before being pressed. Only if one does this will the important extract substances, such as the concentrated Riesling fruit, remain in the foreground in the later wine.

tasting notes

light amber, gold reflections. Delicately buttery botrytis flavour, echoes of dried fruit, orange zest. Complex, caramel touch, honey aftertaste, creamy texture, salty finish.

drinking temperature
13-15° C
food pairing

aged cheese at the right temperature, goose liver parfait, crème brûlée