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Gelber Muskateller
Strass im Strassertal 2022

fresh elderflower with ripe stone fruit – that’s Gelber Muskateller! The Sental forms the upper plateau of the Wechselberg. Basked in sun is when the muscat fruitiness unfolds best inside the grapes The nutrient-rich loess layer found in the Sental ensures optimally ripened grapes.

grape variety:
Gelber Muskateller

The delicate, thin-skinned muscat berries are harvested at the beginning of September, depending on the progress of the vegetation. At that point, the grapes are already fully ripe. After six-hours of maceration, the berries are pressed. Only in this way do the fine fruit nuances manifest in the later wine.

tasting notes

note subtle elderflower, fine nuances of pineapple and papaya, floral bouquet, white peach, enlivening acidity

drinking temperature
12-13° C
food pairing

seafood, steamed shellfish, light summer salads, pasta with green asparagus